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La hermosa modelo rusa, con más de 3.4 millones de seguidores en instagram, Helga Lovekaty, sube constantemente sensuales fotos y videos a su cuenta oficial en esta red social @helga_model donde son admirados por la gran cantidad de fans que la siguen, aquí tenemos algunos de los más recientes videos.

Videos de Helga Lovekaty en Instagram:

I want to share with you my impressions of the trip to Tunisia. This’s country with a rich history, which has many legends and myths and originates from #Carthage. It’s the birthplace of the famous Hannibal. During its existence the country suffered several serious shocks since the fall of Carthage in 148 BC. E. and ending with the recent jasmine revolution in 2011 due to which the people of the country had to start improving again. #Tunisia is informally divided into the south, where people live very poorly and relatively richer in the north. Vacation in Tunisia will appeal to lovers of #hotel rest, which have a high level here and could be a good alternative to #Turkey and #Egypt. I was pleased with the choice of dishes, it’s really delicious. The sea is usually calm, but there are seaweed. #Beaches are not very crowded. From the excursions I could recommend a trip to the Sahara Desert and Star Wars set. Despite difficult territorial neighborhood in the coastal zones is very calm. I hope that the Tunisians will continue to improve their country and these places will become one of the most popular holiday destinations soon. Thanks @radissonblupalacedjerba for the hospitality ???

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Enjoying my summer in #djerba ❤️#helga #helgamodel #tunisia #summer

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